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  1. Pike, any of several voracious freshwater fishes, family Esocidae, caught both commercially and for sport. They are recognized by the elongate body, small scales, long head, shovellike snout, and large mouth armed with strong teeth. The dorsal and anal fins are far back on the tail. Read More on This Topic.
  2. Welcome To Pike Founded in , Pike is a leading, integrated provider of construction, repair and engineering services for distribution and transmission powerlines and substations, with a growing portfolio of turnkey and renewable projects. We work with hundreds of investor-owned, cooperative, and municipal utility clients across the country.
  3. Pike square explained. The pike square (German: Gevierthaufen ("square crowd") or Gewalthaufen, (crowd of force)) was a military tactic developed by the Swiss Confederacy during the 15th century for use by its infantry.. History. The pike square was used to devastating effect at the Battle of Nancy against Charles the Bold of Burgundy in , when the Swiss defeated a smaller but more.
  4. plural pike or pikes Definition of pike (Entry 3 of 9) 1 a: a large elongate long-snouted freshwater bony fish (Esox lucius) valued for food and sport and widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere — called also northern, northern pike.
  5. Pike disclaims all liability for any damages, direct or consequential, in connection with the offering for sale or sale of any such goods or services. The list is provided for information purposes only. Pike reserves the right to discontinue the Employee Discount Program at any time and without notice.
  6. noun, plural (especially collectively) pike, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) pikes. any of several large, slender, voracious freshwater fishes of the genus Esox, having a long, flat snout: the .
  7. Aug 03,  · Pike and Calhoun County authorities said they suspected Pressnall in a series of thefts and burglaries in both counties. With assistance from residents and Illinois State Police air operations.
  8. 19 hours ago · Pike County has now been moved from a Yellow (Level 1 Public Emergency, Active Exposure and Spread) to an Orange (Level 2 Public Emergency, Increased exposure and spread) rating, according to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. Many rural counties in this area and around the state are now in Orange territory.

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