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Youre Welcome

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  1. "You're Welcome " is a song from the feature film, Moana. In the style of pattern rap, it is sung by Maui and focuses on his various accomplishments as the "hero of men" in South Pacific legend, but later turns out to be a diversion allowing him to steal Moana's boat to escape nophodibemarripencisinsathena.coinfoe films: Moana.
  2. “You're welcome" is correct if you are thanking somebody. This is because you're is the abbreviation of “you are welcome", whereas “your” denotes ownership. For “your” to be correct it would need to be used in a different manner. views.
  3. Apr 06,  · G Don't mess with Maui when he's on the breakaway Am And the tapestry here in my skin F Is a map of the victories I win C Look where I've been, I make everything happen Am F Look at that mean mini Maui just tippity tapping Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hey [Chorus] Am F C Well anyway, let me say "you're welcome" G Am For the wonderful world you know.
  4. YOU’RE WELCOME To join us and experience our unique micro-urban community. Champaign-Urbana is a community with the best of both worlds: active city living paired with easygoing affordability. Our education system is top-ranking, from toddlers on up to Ph.D.s, and it features teachers who are Pulitzer Prize winners. With more than 1, acres.
  5. When you do a favor, and someone says “thank you,” the automatic response is “you’re welcome.” It’s a basic rule of politeness, and it signals that you accept the expression of gratitude — or that you were happy to help. But according to one leading psychologist, this isn’t the best choice of words.
  6. Well, anyway, let me say you're welcome! For the wonderful world you know Hey, it's OK, it's OK. You're welcome! Well, come to think of it, I gotta go Hey, it's your day to say you're welcome! 'Cause I'm gonna need that boat I'm sailing away, away. You're welcome! 'Cause Maui can do everything but float You're welcome, you're welcome And thank you!
  7. You're Welcome is an inclusive online directory and forum. It's the place to find social events, clubs, groups or places to visit. You can also get ideas on how to find support to access the things you want to do. All listings for events or things to do include accessibility and .
  8. you're welcome Also, don't mention it. No thanks are needed, I was glad to do it. For example, Thanks for picking me up.-You're welcome, or I appreciate what you did for Mother.-Don't mention it.

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