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Get Down

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  1. be down with (something) 1. To be in agreement with, in support of, have interest in, or thoroughly enjoy some subject, activity, or thing. I am so down with math, it's my favorite subject in school!
  2. Define get down. get down synonyms, get down pronunciation, get down translation, English dictionary definition of get down.) v. got), got·ten) or got, get·ting, gets v. tr. 1. a. To come into possession or use of; receive: got a cat for her birthday. b. To meet with or incur.
  3. “Get Down On It” was an original song produced and performed by North American group, Kool & The Gang. “Get Down On It” was released in December, There was a “restoration.
  4. get down to. Give one's attention to, as in Let's get down to work, or It's time we got down to business. [Late s] For the most important variants, see under get down to brass tacks. 3.
  5. The Get Down TV-MA 2 Seasons TV Shows In New York City, the talented and soulful youth of the South Bronx chase dreams and breakneck beats to transform music history. Starring: Justice Smith, Shameik Moore, Herizen GuardiolaNumber Of Seasons: 2.
  6. get (one) down To cause one to feel saddened, depressed, discouraged, or dejected. The thought of working for a faceless corporation really gets me down. His .
  7. The Get Down’s Justice Smith on the Finale and His Trip to Jurassic World Legacy ’s Jimmy Smits on Daddy Issues, Rogue One, and The Get Down Get Down with The Get Down: 15 Things to Know 81%.
  8. Online music boutique serving collectors world-wide with special edition vinyl records, 7 inch boxsets, deluxe CD reissues, cassettes, books and apparel. Hip .

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